Svenson Trichologist – Hair Loss & Genes

“The most common excuse for people who give up on their hair would be – “It’s genetic”. With today’s advanced technology and extensive research, this no longer stands true.

We have a 17-year-old male client who was brought in by his parents – both of whom were experiencing severe hair loss themselves.

Instead of giving up, they wanted to find options on early trichological intervention for their son. This had an impact on me as his parents expressed how they didn’t want their son to experience what they felt firsthand – The effects on their self-esteem due to their severe thinning hair.

Both parents also mentioned that they did try to seek treatment when they were in their 20s, but unfortunately, the industry was relatively new at that time with few certified trichologists.

I am happy to report that our client experienced a vast improvement within a year – No more dandruff, oily scalp under control and definitely, fuller hair.”

– Joni Tay, #svensontrichologist


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