Svenson Trichologist – Kim’s Youngest Client

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” My youngest client was a 10-year-old boy.

His parents sought our help at Svenson after doctors suggested they bring him to a trichologist instead as they found him in the pink of health.

After assessing his condition, we found that his hair loss was due to trichlotilomania – a condition where patients pull their own hair, unknowingly or not, during stressful or emotional periods.

We were able to stop the condition from progressing further with the correct diagnosis, as well as stimulating hair regrowth via treatments. This was memorable as we were able to help his parents understand his condition better, and seek appropriate help.

His parents soon realised that the patient’s older brother was also displaying similar symptoms. With the discovery, they were able to arrange for help, and with a short treatment program from Svenson, he had a full recovery like his younger brother.”

#svensontrichologist Kim Fong, on her most memorable client.

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