Hair Densifier Treatment Kit: How It Works


With the launch of Svenson’s Haffirmations, a scientific approach to diagnosing hair loss causes, new treatment formulas were also developed concurrently to provide customised solutions for each diagnosis.

One such product would be the new Hair Densifier Treatment Kit – A set of 10 pre-packed treatment solutions, aimed at nourishing hair follicles to promote growth and prevent hair fall.

How does this solution work in terms of hair growth and prevention? A basic understanding of the Hair Growth Cycle is first needed prior to elaborating more on the technology and active ingredients behind it.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair, though a non-living body part, stems from the hair follicle – a skin organ.


The Hair Growth Cycle presents itself in three main stages:

  • Anagen

New hair growth is observed. This phase usually last from 2 – 6 years.

  • Catagen

Signalling the end of Anagen stage, hair follicles go into the Catagen stage – a transitional phase which lasts for a few weeks during which hair detaches.

  • Telogen

Telogen, the last stage, is the resting phase of the hair follicle where hair begins to fall. When the body is subjected to too much stress, Telogen Effluvium – condition where more hair than normal starts to fall, is noticed to occur.

How the Hair Densifier Treatment Works

The entire kit is formulated to keep hair follicles in the Anagen phase – a constant natural growing state for hair. Hairs are also delayed from proceeding to the Catagen phase while strands in the Telogen resting phase are prompted into the Anagen phase again. Hence, the treatment solution encourages hair growth as well as prevents further hair loss.

This is achieved through a combination of extensive research, breakthrough technology and a key active ingredient:

PLGA Nanosphere Technology
The treatment solution features breakthrough PLGA Nanosphere technology – An optimal absorption technology where active ingredients incredibly sized at 200-nanometer small are absorbed quickly and completely.

A study conducted on the absorption rate of the PLGA Nanosphere technology compared to normal serums, showed the absorption ability of the PLGA serum to reach deep into the pore or hair follicle.

Referring to the below diagram, you can see the constrast between PLGA and normal serums. Stain dye was mixed with the samples to trace their absorption abilities, and results show that the PLGA sample is able to penetrate deep into the pore whereas the normal sample is maintained only on epidermis level.


Key Active Ingredient – Loquat Leaf Extract


A key active ingredient found in the Hair Densifier Treatment Kit would be Loquat Leaf Extract, which is rich in Corosolic Acid – A compound which encourages healthy growth by stimulating or suppressing the growth factors involved in the hair cycle.

This ingredient also prevents the enzyme 5 alphareductase from converting into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – The leading cause for hair loss in men and women as it deprives follicles of nutrients essential to new strand growth.

 Clinical Trials

Preliminary tests conducted with the Hair Densifier Kit showed promising results with the following observances:

  • Lesser hair fall
  • Fine hair increasing in thickness
  • Noticeable significant gradual increase in fine, thin hair on alopecia neurotic areas


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