• 44 days of Hair Growth Treatments at $440!
  • 44 days of Hair Growth Treatments at $440!

44 Days Hair Growth Challenge!

$440 for 44 days of treatments

Combining the best of hair science pharmaceuticals, breakthrough botanical formulations & technological innovations, Svenson is committed to help you achieve fuller hair and healthier scalp.

Kicking off our 44th Anniversary, take up the challenge with us –
44 Days of our signature Hair & Scalp Treatments at just $440

Multiple treatments & technologies available to help tackle hair fall & scalp woes
At Only: $440
Treatment for oily hair & scalp:

VoluScalp Treatment

Deep cleanse your scalp by scaling off hardened sebum and build-up with this scalp treatment. Besides removing excess sebum and follicle clogs, this treatment forms a protein-lipid barrier on scalp for moisture retention.

The VoluScalp Treatment ensures a clean and PH balanced scalp with the following key actives:
  • Vitamin B Complex: A penetrating moisturiser, the proprietary Vitamin B Complex in this treatment aids in tissue repair and wound healing.
Treatment for oily hair & scalp:

Corrective Treatment

Give your scalp a fresh start by unclogging hair follicles of hardened sebum, and scaling off dead skin build-up.

This Corrective Treatment features key actives such as:
  • Visnaga Vera Extract: This plant extract increases microcirculation on the scalp - enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the root of the hair for thicker hair growth and regulating sebaceous glands.
Treatment for Genetice Related Conditions:

Micro-Nutrient Circulatory

This treatment is a proprietary blend of botanic actives to help inhibit the formation of DHT, and promote microcirculation in scalp. DHT is the leading cause for hair loss in men and women as it deprives follicles of nutrients essential to new strand growth.

Thicker and stronger hair growth is encouraged with this treatment’s key actives:
  • AMINO ACID: Acts as a building block of hair protein, this key ingredient increases blood circulation in scalp. Leading to greater production of keratin and fuller hair.
Treatment for Stress-related thinning:

Eugenol Scalp Solution

For tired or stressed scalps with weakened hair follicles, the Eugenol Scalp Solution proves to be a soothing and stimulating hair and scalp treatment as it relieves sensitivity and irritation while promoting blood flow to the follicle for healthy hair growth.

The stimulating treatment features key actives such as:
  • WATER LILY Extract: Rich in Vitamin C, the Water Lily Extract plays an essential role in the metabolism of collagen and elastin – both structural skin proteins. Hence, soothing fragile and intolerant scalp by ensuring its protection and comfort.
Treatment for Thinning & Damaged Hair:

Hair Retexturising Treatment

Experience soft and smooth hair as you try out this award winning Hair Retexturising Treatment. Specially formulated for damaged, brittle hair, to restore the nutrients and the luster of the hair, reviving healthy hair and scalp.


Light Therapeutic Laser

Laser lights at a specific wavelength that stimulates hair follicles to promote microcirculation and nutrient absorption, without any negative side effects.

Complemented with solutions, laser therapy is an effective and non-invasive method to treat scalp conditions or enhance hair growth efforts. It is also suitable for sensitive scalps.

Chromolight Therapy

Sterilise scalp bacteria, and increase microcirculation around hair follicles with Chromalight Technology- A therapeutic machine with red or blue LED settings and Ozone function.

It also features 3 fan speeds with heated or cold air to simultaneously dry hair gently while removing odour and irritation from scalp.

Oxyjet Technology

Revitalise hair roots as this system uses a specially designed hand piece to create a supersonic 2-phase jet of micro-droplets of saline solution & oxygen, to encourage absorption of nutrients into scalp while scaling off excess build-up or flakes without damaging tissue.

Complemented with the appropriate solution, the Oxyjet Technology aids efforts in cleansing scalp and stimulating follicles for growth using a natural source.

MESO Therapy

Utilising a stylus type applicator with Electro pulses, Meso Therapy stimulates hair follicles to allow it to better absorb the treatment solution.

This method allows greater penetration of active ingredients into the follicle. Then after, a roller applicator is used to further encourage greater penetration of solution.

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Throughout the years,

Our convictions remain the same: Hair and scalp care that's committed and holistic, delivered by Trichologists and Hair Consultants who have your best interests at heart.

Our Trichologists are Official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT).

Our Hair Consultants study an average of 3,000 cases and undergo 6 years of experience and regular training.

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