Hair Densifier Treatment Kit: How It Works


With the launch of Svenson’s Haffirmations, a scientific approach to diagnosing hair loss causes, new treatment formulas were also developed concurrently to provide customised solutions for each diagnosis. One such product would be the new Hair Densifier Treatment Kit – A set of 10 pre-packed treatment solutions, aimed at nourishing hair follicles to promote growth … Continue reading Hair Densifier Treatment Kit: How It Works

Svenson: TRUST Programme

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Svenson is delighted to announce that we are partnering with EZ-Link’s TRUST Programme. Initiated by the Consumers Association of Singapore, the programme is managed and powered by EZ-Link. TRUST is designed to safeguard consumer’s confidence in merchants offering prepaid packages. It is able to safeguard consumer’s purchases by ensuring the refund of un-utilised amounts in … Continue reading Svenson: TRUST Programme

Svenson Trichologist – Trichology in Singapore


“There will be skepticism about our line of work, as people feel that hair loss is subjective. However, as certified trichologists, we have standardised processes and scientifically assured methods on how we diagnose and prescribe our treatments. For example, you can look up the Hamilton Scale of Male Pattern Baldness. This chart gives a clear … Continue reading Svenson Trichologist – Trichology in Singapore

What’s Worse Than A Bad Hair Day?

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Start your mornings right – make bad hair days your only hair problem.

Svenson Trichologist – Kim’s Youngest Client

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” My youngest client was a 10-year-old boy. His parents sought our help at Svenson after doctors suggested they bring him to a trichologist instead as they found him in the pink of health. After assessing his condition, we found that his hair loss was due to trichlotilomania – a condition where patients pull their … Continue reading Svenson Trichologist – Kim’s Youngest Client