• Hair Densifier + Laser Treatment at $68!
  • Hair Densifier + Laser Treatment at $68!

Nourish Hair Follicles & Promote Hair Growth

Combining botanic actives and
breakthrough technology, Svenson
complemented the Hair Densifier Treatment with Laser Therapy to enhance hair growth and prevent further hair loss. To enhance efficacy of this treatment, a non-invasive low level laser therapy is used to sterilise scalp

bacteria , increase microcirculation and stimulate hair follicles.

Preliminary clinical tests conducted on the use of the Hair Densifier Treatment for 2 months, by a 3rd party lab - Hosokawa Micro, verified the following observances on subjects:


experienced lesser hair fall


realised increased volume & density


in fine hair on alopecia neurotic areas

Clinically proven results

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Subject 1: Month 0
Subject 1: Month 2
Subject 2: Month 0
Subject 2: Month 2


Active ingredients are freeze-dried at their most powerful, and are made more permeable through PLGA Nanosphere Technology.

This innovative delivery system features key ingredients incredibly sized at 200-nanometer small, which are absorbed quickly and completely.

Botanical Actives
to Invigorate
Hair Roots

The Hair Densifier Treatment features Loquat Leaf Extract. This key active ingredient is rich in corosolic acid – A compound which encourages healthy hair growth,  Loquat Leaf Extract prevents the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase from converting into DHT. DHT is the leading cause for hair loss in men and women as it deprives follicles of nutrients essential to new strand growth.


Laser lights at a specific wavelength that stimulates hair follicles to promote microcirculation and nutrient absorption, without any negative side effects. Complemented with solutions, laser therapy is an effective and non-invasive method to treat scalp conditions or enhance hair growth efforts. It is also suitable for sensitive scalps.

Maximum Absorption of Botanic Actives

A study conducted on the absorption rate of the PLGA Nanosphere technology compared to normal serums, showed the absorption ability of the PLGA serum to reach deep into the pore or hair follicle. Referring to the below diagram, you can see the constrast between PLGA and normal serums.

Stain dye was mixed with the samples to trace their absorption abilities, and results show that the PLGA sample is able to penetrate deep into the pore whereas the normal sample is maintained only on epidermis level.

[ BELOW ] NORMAL HAIR SERUM: The green lines indicate normal serum evaporating or remaining on scalp surface, and not penetrating into the follicle. Before & After PLGA Serum [ ABOVE ] PLGA SERUM: The green lines show that the PLGA serum penetrates into the epidermal layer of scalp, as well as deep into hair follicle.
Thicker & denser hair with Hair Densifier + laser Treatment
Try the winning combo at only [ $68.00 ]
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