Profile: Kim Fong

Svenson's Chief Trichologist

A certified trichologist with 15 years of experience under her belt, you can be sure that you are in good hands when you are with Ms. Kim Fong. Acting as Svenson's Chief Trichologist at Svenson, Kim oversees Svenson's team on trichologists on a group level covering multiple Asian

markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. With a tenure exceeding 15 years, Kim has held her office longer than any trichologist within the Svenson group and she has been with clients every step of the way on their hair and scalp health journey. 

Ensuring you get the best

Using Svenson's systematic and scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of hair and scalp conditions, coupled with her wealth of experience in ensuring best practices she has garnered herself a loyal following of clients.  

Kim is a strong believer in ensuring best practices, quality formulations and impeccable service and ensures that this is delivered by her team. She is constantly upgrading and training her team through regular review and training sessions with them. Stemming from her strong belief and ethics, she sets high standards in Svenson's service delivery to ensure that clients' satisfaction are optimised and assured.

Passion in Trichology

Kim's passion in trichology is also seen in her contributions as a columnist in communications, public speaking events and corporate trainings. With a keen interest, she constantly keeps herself abreast of news in the industry by reading and research.

A mission of hers would be to develop the public's knowledge in the local Trichology industry, and raise awareness on how modern day technology and science can help with hair and scalp health.

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