• Balance Off Excessive Sebum from your scalp
  • Balance Off Excessive Sebum from your scalp


Being in a humid climate, it is of little wonder that we find our hair flat or slick with sebum at the end of a day. If not cleansed properly, the scalp can present

issues such as acne on the scalp, odour or thinning hair. Ensure a fresh scalp and healthy hair with our new Balance Sebum Control Treatment.

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Prevents & treats

Inflamed follicles to reduce hair fall and scalp sensitivity.

Mild exfoliation

of scalp to scale away dead skin cells.

Regulates sebum

for over-active sebaceous glands in follicles.

Tiolisina complex

An antibacterial complex composed of amino acids, sulphur, lysine and arginine. It reduces oiliness, prevents dandruff and acne, and any associated inflammation.

Glycolic Acid

Gently exfoliates the scalp with alphahydroxy acids (AHAs). Layers of dead skin are removed and follicles, unclogged - preventing bacterial build-up and hastening the skin renewal process.

Ayurvedica Mix

A blend of sesame seeds, olive oil, and other botanic actives inspired by ancient health and wellness traditions from India. The mix relieves scalp dryness and itchiness; moisturises and conditions each strand; and provides hair with nourishment for growth.

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