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Svenson at World Congress Hair Research 2019

Svenson at World Congress Hair Research 2019

Svenson Hair has brought trichology to clients the world over for over 60 years. While tools and techniques have since progressed, our convictions remain the same: hair and scalp care that's committed and holistic. Always one to bring the latest news and discoveries to their clients, Svenson attended the World Congress Hair Research 2019 this April at Barcelona. Much time was invested into the lectures, and exciting new discoveries were learned. This is part 1 of a series of 4 articles that the team has prepared to share their learnings.

Svenson was proud to participate in the 11th World Congress Hair Research Convention (WCHR) in Sitges, Barcelona this April, 2019. Organised by the European Hair Research Society (EHRS) - an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to the research of hair biology and disease, the WCHR acts as a global knowledge sharing platform for industry professionals to advance their knowledge in the Hair & Scalp industry.

The European Hair Research Society

In London, 1989, an international membership of scientists, dermatologists, and professionals working in academia, the industry, and government in relations to hair biology and disease was founded as The European Hair Research Society (EHRS).

The EHRS represents its members by promoting the constant pursuit of clinical and scientific excellence,and sharing of advancements in trichological research. It also acts as an industry voice and reliable resource to the public on the advancement on hair and scalp research, based on scientific research.

The World Congress Hair Research

True to the Society’s ethos, the WCHR is a congress organised to share a carefully curated agenda of the latest scientific findings on hair growth, hair and scalp diseases, and clinical care globally. In preparation for this annual congress, an international call for abstracts on scientific studies in relations to hair biology is announced to all members as well as industry leaders.

Thereafter, a comprehensive program is conducted over the course of a few days for information to be shared and exchanged among participants from all over the world, who came for the sole purpose of enhancing their knowledge and expertise on the latest hair and scalp research.

Svenson at the 11th World Congress Hair Research - April 2019, Sitges Barcelona

The Svenson team went through an intense 4 days of back-to-back lectures to be updated on the latest industry findings and knowledge from leading trichologists and scientists. Many of the topics touched upon during the congress were very helpful to the team in making future plans, as well as enhancing what Svenson has been doing so far in helping customers throughout their hair growth journey.

Wanting to share more with our customers, on the latest news of hair and scalp care from around the world, Svenson will be rolling out a series of articles to highlight new findings from research and industry leaders.

In-depth Hair Analysis

Trichoscopy - An Important Tool in Hair & Scalp Assessment

One such topic would be a seminar focusing on Trichoscopy - A diagnostic tool to examine the hair and scalp without invasive biopsies. It is well established throughout the industry that trichoscopy is an essential tool which provides the fastest and accurate method of diagnosing hair and scalp disorders1.

The technique is very useful to differentiate non-scarring from scarring alopecia, as well as monitoring progress without the need of invasive methods, therefore improving the quality of care with alopecia patients2. However, correlation of trichoscopy findings with other clinical information such as knowledge of hair and scalp diseases, is key in order to make a diagnosis3.

The experience of the Trichologist conducting the Trichoscopy scan would come into play as the Trichologist would have to be familiar in identifying trichoscopic structures and signs which are dynamic4. New trichoscopy signs of different hair diseases are periodically discovered, and these features are continuously described in order to help Trichologists in diagnosis.

The most recent diseases whose trichoscopy features have been detailed are scalp mycosis fungoides, eyebrow signs of alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia and other inflammatory and infectious disorders5. An experienced Trichologist will be able to recognise the symptoms of issue at hand quickly with a trichoscopy scan, and the mechanisms of how the symptom will evolve, leading to a swift diagnosis and treatment recommendation6.

While trichoscopy has been established to be an essential diagnostic tool, clearer monitoring criteria for the technique is needed to make advances for systematic reviews on hair and scalp conditions7. Monitoring criteria based on scientific data such as vascular pattern, hair density index, number of follicles and such. Such trichoscopy technology are available in the market, and are constantly being enhanced with future technologies touted to allow us a cellular point of view at the hair and scalp8.

In 2017, Svenson was the first in Southeast Asia to procure a data driven trichoscopy device to diagnose and monitor hair and scalp issues - The In-Depth Hair Analysis (IDHA) technology, which is only limited to professional access.

Svenson In-Depth Hair Analysis (IDHA) - Quantitative Data Report on Hair & Scalp

Svenson in depth hair analysis

Developed to provide a quantitative analysis of a trichoscopy scan, the IDHA uses advanced software and optical hardware to capture 70 thousand pixels per square inch of scalp to determine quantifiable results across 11 statistical parameters such as:

  • Follicle count
  • Hair thickness
  • Average number of hairs per follicular unit

Upon completion of scans, all data are sent to a lab for further analysis in Europe to produce a quantifiable medical level report on scalp condition with high accuracy for diagnosis and review.

The report empowers you with factual findings to identify symptoms, or to monitor actual progress of your current hair growth treatment program. Complemented with Svenson’s team of experienced Trichologists, some of whom are International Affiliates (UK) of The Institute of Trichologists, the IDHA trichoscopy technology enables you to take more affirmative action on your hair and scalp health based on data.

The guesswork and mere visual references are no longer the only data points you can rely on upon every visit to the Hair Centre, when you can incorporate statistical data from trichoscopy technology such as the IDHA.



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