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Proven Results With Hair Filler

Svenson presents the new Hair Filler, a breakthrough hair growth stimulating active complex developed from 13 years of intensive research. It features a proprietary blend of 7 Patented Peptides.

While most treatments suggest results you can look forward to, we deliver clinically proven results. In just 12 weeks, you'll achieve hair that is denser and thicker.

Personalised Treatment Programme

After assessing your hair and scalp condition, the Svenson Hair Filler treatments will be carried out across 12 weeks.

The gentle transdermal infusion of the active complex into the scalp will be performed by our experts each week. Before and after photos will also be taken at every session to document your progress, which includes magnifications of the treatment areas.

Unique Sustained Time-Release Technology

The Svenson Hair Filler ensures consistent release of active ingredients and patented peptides to the hair root with its sustained time-release technology. Ensuring that a steady release rate of patented peptides is achievable in between treatments.

This allows the active complex to optimise scalp microcirculation and effectively induces hair growth by decongesting hair follicles, countering most causes of hair fall. It also corrects the condition of the scalp to reduce hair fall, and encourage further hair growth.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

Our confidence in this treatment is equally matched by our genuine dedication in helping you achieve fuller and thicker hair.

For added reassurance, we offer a full money-back guarantee. See results in 12 weeks, or receive a full refund. Embark on your hair growth journey today at Svenson.

Full Money-Back Guarantee
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Hair filler treatment reviews

  • James Aw Yong

    James Aw Yong

    20's, Executive

    "My hair definitely got thicker after the Svenson Hair Filler Treatment journey."

    See His Treatment Results...
  • Andrew Hong

    Andrew Hong

    20's, Finance planner

    "Styling my hair is so much easier now that I have thicker hair thanks to Svenson!"

    See His Treatment Results...
  • Jason Ang

    Jason Ang

    30's, Nurse

    "Only 4 weeks of treatment and I get to see a great improvement in hair growth."

    See His Treatment Results...
  • Nicholas Peh

    Nicholas Peh

    40's, Manager

    "Hair growth could be observed. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone bothered by hair loss."

    See His Treatment Results...
  • Gina Low

    Gina Low

    30's, Business manager

    "The treatment not only prevented further hair fall, it also helped with new hair growth."

    See Her Treatment Results...
  • Fonx Ng

    Fonx Ng

    30's, Marketing

    "My scalp condition has improved since the start of the treatments.."

    See Her Treatment Results...
  • Amit Sawhney

    Amit Sawhney

    32, Business man

    "Svenson has seriously restored my younger look. A company with great products, and level of knowledge."

    See His Treatment Results...

Certified Trichologists

Throughout the years, our convictions remain the same: Hair and scalp care that’s committed and holistic, delivered by Trichologists and Hair Consultants who have your best interests at heart.

Our Trichologists are Official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT).

Our Hair Consultants study an average of 3,000 cases and undergo 6 years of experience and regular training.

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