Our Trichologists

Our in-house Trichologists have extensive formal training under UK-based specialists, as well as regional consulting experience. With part of our Trichologist team being official International Affiliates (UK) with the Institute of Trichologists (IOT), Svenson Hair is confident in meeting your hair and scalp needs.

Consulting an experienced and certified Trichologist for a fast and precise diagnosis is key to approaching hair and scalp treatment. A trained Trichologist will be able to diagnose the root cause of thinning hair or scalp condition accurately, thereafter recommending appropriate treatment and care.

Our Group
Chief Trichologist Kim Fong

The Institute of Trichologists

You can be sure that you are in good hands when you are with Ms. Kim Fong. Acting as Svenson’s Group Chief Trichologist at Svenson, Kim oversees Svenson’s team of trichologists on a group level covering multiple Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. With a tenure exceeding 20 years, Kim has held her office longer than any trichologist within the Svenson group and has been with clients every step of the way on their hair and scalp health journey.

Using Svenson's systematic and scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of hair and scalp conditions, coupled with her wealth of experience in ensuring best practices she has garnered herself a loyal following of clients.

Kim is a strong believer in ensuring best practices, quality formulations and impeccable service and ensures that this is delivered by her team. Never one to rest on her laurels, she is constantly upgrading herself and her team by partaking in international conferences such as the World Congress Hair Research 2019 to keep ahead of the latest trichological developments. Stemming from her strong belief and ethics, she sets high standards in Svenson’s service delivery to ensure that clients’ satisfaction are optimised and assured.

Top Singapore
Best Singapore

Trichologists Lynn Liu

A Svenson Trichologist with a decade of experience under her belt, Lynn recalls a case under her care - a 48 year old woman who thought she was suffering from the usual Female Pattern Hair Loss.

"After a thorough consultation covering all bases such as her lifestyle choices, nutrition and an in-depth hair analysis, a proper diagnosis on her current hair situation was unveiled: Telogen Effluvium caused by menopause and severe depression,” Lynn recounted, “ After 4 months of our recommended treatment programme, we are very proud to say that her condition improved drastically. It is all due to quick action from the client herself in getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment."

Helping her clients regain their confidence through their hair growth journey is something Lynn enjoys immensely about in her work. Citing hair as an integral part of one’s life, she is passionate about raising awareness of the proper care and attention one should give their scalp as it always tends to be overlooked.

Our Consultants

Throught personalized consultations, our certified hair consultants assess are able to access your specific needs and concerns, and recommend bespoke treatment routines aimed at achieving optimal results for your hair and scalp concerns. Our consultants will also provide insights on proper hair care techniques, product selection, and lifestyle adjustments to support long-term hair and scalp wellness.

With their expertise and dedication to client satisfaction, our consultants play a vital role in helping you achieve your desired hair and scalp goals.

Senior Consultant Jane Doe

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