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The Region’s first In-Depth Hair Analysis for Precise Hair Loss Diagnosis

The first step to treating hair loss, is an accurate diagnosis of your current hair and scalp condition.

Instead of relying on visual inferences and experience alone, the In-Depth Hair Analysis (IDHA) allows a quantitative study of a person's hair and scalp condition. Hair loss conditions

can then be identified based on these factual findings from the IDHA report.

Not requiring any shaving or plucking of hair from the scalp, IDHA is able to capture specific details necessary for Svenson Trichologists to identify current hair and scalp condition, and prescribe the appropriate solution.

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In-Depth Hair Analysis

The IDHA technology can generate a detailed report within 72 hours - displaying quantifiable results across 11 statistical segments, such as average number of hairs per follicle, follicle count and hair thickness. These specific details help to pinpoint the current condition of your hair and scalp with scientific evidence.

If a report were to show a person displaying a higher than normal percentage of empty follicles or follicles with only one strand of hair, it'd point to the person having a severe hair loss condition which requires immediate attention. IDHA has enabled Svenson to advance forward in Singapore's Trichology industry by introducing evidential diagnoses. Save time and money with precise analyses and prescription.

Analysis results

NEXT, Customizing Your Treatment Plan

Our team of trichologists will prescribe the appropriate treatment from
our 4 levels of care approach, for your current hair and scalp condition.

of care
4 Levels of Care

Treatments that deep cleanses follicles, and removes dead cells or build-up from scalp

Treatments that normalises sebum production for a more pH-balanced scalp

Treatments that target specific hair loss factors

Intensive treatments to strengthen hair from root to shaft

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