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Groundbreaking Technology with INDIBA®‑SV Hair Regain

Welcome to the future of enhanced hair
growth, where technology meets rejuvenation! Introducing INDIBA® - SV HAIR REGAIN, the groundbreaking technology operating at the precise frequency of 448 kHz, offering unparalleled advantages. The treatment stimulates hair cell activities and oxygenates

tissue from within, improving microcirculation which is a key factor to assure the high replication cell activity of the follicle. Unlike invasive procedures, INDIBA®'s radiofrequency enhances without causing cellular damage, thus eliminating the need for post-treatment downtime.

Transform with Indiba®–SV Hair Regain Before & After

  • With 4 Months of Indiba Treatments With 4 Months of Indiba Treatments
  • With 3 Months of Indiba Treatments With 3 Months of Indiba Treatments
  • With 3 weeks of Indiba Treatments With 3 weeks of Indiba Treatments
* Results may vary from person to person

Embark on the journey to a
revitalized scalp & vibrant hair growth

Unveil the potential of INDIBA®'s non-invasive, pain-free treatment and Zero Downtime due to its side‑effect‑free nature. Experience how INDIBA® - SV HAIR REGAIN:

  • Boosts Cell Activities Activating fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin, all cells benefit, delaying scalp aging and extending the hair growth cycle.
  • Stimulates Blood Flow Enhancing blood circulation, delivering vital nutrients to hair follicles for optimal growth and health.
  • Multiplies Regenerative Activity Encouraging regrowth, resulting in thicker hair
  • Strengthens Keratin Structure Fortifying and enhancing hair quality by building the keratin structure.

This advanced technology facilitates the delivery of essential amino acids to your
hair follicles, unlocking the potential for:

  • Preventing Hair Loss
  • Stimulating Hair Growth
  • Enhancing Hair Densification

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