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MoneyFM Podcast with an International Trichologist

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MoneyFM Podcast with an International Trichologist

“As a Trichologist I have seen so many products on the market, but the majority have never been clinically proven, which is also misleading and deceiving to the public. Svensons’ Hair Filler ticks all the boxes, it has been clinically proven and extensively tested.”

- Maria Mazengarb, International trichologist

International trichologist, Maria Mazengarb, shared with MoneyFM host Claressa Monteiro and her listeners about her extensive experience as a hair and scalp specialist, and answers popular questions on hair care.

Maria Mazengarb has more than 20 years of trichologist experience providing clinical treatment of hair loss and scalp disorder. As an experienced Trichologist, she takes a holistic approach to hair treatment, which includes trichological formula and nutrition programs.
Want to find out whether frequent traveling damages your hair and what are the immediate steps you can take if you are losing your hair? Listen to the podcast today to find out!