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Using the Right Products

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Using the Right Products

Most people have an idea of what their hair or scalp issues are – be it oily hair, flaky scalp or others. The first instinct to fixing hair or scalp issues would usually be to look towards products. Before taking your pick among rows of glossy packaging though, is your current condition really what you think it is?

Many have often overlooked the importance of using the right products for your hair and scalp, often aggravating the existing condition instead. Read more to understand why it is important to choose a suitable product for daily use.

As hair and scalp issues are often a result of an underlying problem, people do not understand sometimes that picking the right products may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Reaching out for that Clarifying shampoo for your oily hair might clear that excess sebum for that one wash, but you may find the greasy problem a slippery one to grasp hold of as you continue to get matted hair at the end of day, or oilier hair than usual.

Hair check

This is because oily hair might be due to a dry scalp, where sebaceous glands in follicles tend to work in excess to produce more oil to moisturise the hair and scalp.

Clarifying shampoos in this instance tend to strip hair and scalp of oil. Without sebum, our scalp loses moisture which can cause overproduction of sebum that leads to a layer of build-up resulting in flaking and itchiness.

Therefore, the right product for greasiness caused by a dry scalp would be a milder shampoo that helps to deep cleanse while regulating overactive sebaceous glands in hair follicles.

“Hair growth is a continuous journey that can be sustained with proper management. A vital first step towards growing fuller and healthier hair is to confirm your exact hair and scalp condition so that the right products can be selected for your daily use, leading to healthier hair and scalp instead of countering your best efforts.”, Group Chief Trichologist – Kim Fong advises, “To check your current scalp condition, it is easily done with a thorough scalp analysis by a certified Trichologist.”

Kim Fong

Your scalp condition can also change from time to time, due to environmental, hormonal or dietary factors. Hence, it is best to consult a Trichologist periodically. Visit our Trichologists today to ascertain your scalp and hair condition, and get advice on your product usage.