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The Svenson Experience

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The Svenson Experience

Aging is inevitable and it follows a predictable pattern that starts with the development of fine lines that deepen over time. When life follows this predictable pattern, it’s easy to accept these changes but when things happen out of order, it can be a little more difficult to accept and hair loss is one of them.

If you are facing balding, hair thinning, or any other hair problems, chances are that you may be experiencing some psychological impact such as stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem and nothing can be more reassuring than handing your hair problems to a team of hair experts who are specialized in their own functions and can diagnose, recommend and carry out personalized, targeted treatments to address the root of your problems.


Your first step into Svenson Hair Care centre and you will be greeted by our cheerful customer professionals who will facilitate your visit from start till end.


After getting you well-settled in, one of our in-house trichologists and consultants will perform a deep hair and scalp analysis for you for an instant and precise diagnosis, thereafter recommending appropriate customized treatment plan and care of Svenson’s breakthrough technology and latest formulations.

Ms Kim Fong, our Group Chief Trichologist is recognized as one of The Best 7 Trichologist in Singapore so you can be sure you are in good hands as Kim oversees Svenson’s team of trichologists and consultants.



You will then be treated by our trained therapists who maximise treatment efficacy with skilled support and the latest technologies to help you in your journey to healthier hair. 

At Svenson, we take special care to ensure that every step towards your hair growth goal is comforting, pleasant, and effective. Our programmes are sophisticated because they are personal and with over 60 years of research, we know and believe that there is no one treatment plan for different hair problems.

Restore your confidence and take control of your hair destiny with The Svenson Experience today! Book now.