Balance Sebum Control

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Oily Scalp

Key Ingredients

Tiolisina complex
An antibacterial complex targeted at reducing oiliness on scalp, delaying dandruff and acne as well as any 
associated inflammation.

Glycolic Acid
A gentle exfoliant to unclog follicles and remove sebum build-up, it prevents bacterial growth and hastens the skin renewal process.

Ayurvedic Mix
A blend of sesame seeds, olive leaf extract, lawsonia inermis and more, the mix relieves scalp dryness and itchiness; moisturising and strengthening each strand for 
radiant hair.

Eliminate the greasy discomfort weighing hair and scalp down, and experience healthier roots and all-day freshness with botanical actives found in the Svenson Balance Sebum Control Solution.


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