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The Oxyjet technology is designed to treat a variety of hair conditions using a natural source - Oxygen. The system uses a specially designed handpiece to create a supersonic 2-phase jet consisting of micro-droplets of saline solution & oxygen to encourage absorption of nutrients into scalp while scaling off excess build-up or flakes without damaging tissue or causing inflammation.

The device directs a high-speed steady stream of saturated micro-droplets comprising of saline & oxygen, against the scalp, effectively sloughing off dead skin cells while infusing active ingredients into hair follicles with 95% pure oxygen.

Complemented with the appropriate solution, hair and scalp effectively retains active ingredients while being stimulated by the device’s therapeutic stream of oxygen. Cell rejuvenation is boosted while blood and lymphatic circulation is increased.

Key Ingredients

Oxygen The treatment infuses scalp and follicles with pure oxygen to revitalise hair roots, boost cell regeneration and enhance microcirculation to promote thicker and healthier hair.