Defence Hair Booster

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Fine & Weak Hair & Stress-Related Thinning

Key Ingredients

Capsicum Frutescens
Combats free radicals and protects hair from external or environmental damage. It also effectively increases scalp microcirculation to ensure that sufficient nutrients are absorbed at the roots.

Tea Tree Oil
An antibacterial and antiseptic agent to keep your follicles healthy and prevent build-up, clogged follicles and scalp acne.

Improve hair strand strength and vitality to prevent premature hair fall and split ends by stimulating hair follicles

Speed up the process of reduced hair loss by nutrifying your hair right from the roots. Created to offset early signs of hair fall, the Defence Hair Booster solution invigorates both hair and scalp by strengthening hair roots and shaft by increasing scalp microcirculation of blood in scalp.

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