Hair Bounce Treatment

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Fine & Weak Hair, Male / Female Pattern Baldness & Postnatal

Key Ingredients

Vitamin PP (Niacinamide)
Rich in B3, this vitamin effectively increases antioxidant production levels in your hair roots, encouraging keratin production for thicker, stronger hair strands. Vitamin PP also regulates the production of sebum ensuring scalp barrier remains healthy and can effectively absorb nutrients, leading to overall healthier hair.

An amino acid with 6 water-binding molecule structure that is known to give intense moisturisation, Arginine helps to condition the scalp and hair roots to ensure a healthy scalp condition with strong anchorage of hair strands. Its complex of sugars acts effectively to prevent dandruff.

Trademarked Botanical Blend
Clinically-proven to inhibit DHT production, this botanical blend harnesses the key actives of the Larch tree, green tea and zinc. Together, the medley helps to increase the production of hair follicle stem cells, decrease hair follicle miniaturization and strengthen hair roots.

Svenson’s Hair Bounce treatment
is a clinically proven formulation to address hair loss concerns, as it effectively inhibits the formation of DHT - the main cause of premature hair loss. The treatment is made with a blend of plant-based extracts, including a new sustainable approach by replacing animal keratin with plant-based keratin.

Additionally, it is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants, making it safe for your regular treatment. The Hair Bounce treatment helps improve hair texture, thickness and strength, leaving you with improved hair vitality and bouncy locks after just one session!

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