Hair Filler Treatment

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Male / Female Pattern Baldness, Severe Hair Loss & Stress-Related Thinning

Key Ingredients

Patented Peptides
Biomimetic Peptides that were patented by Dr. Chung Yong Ji, after extensive research and clinical trials which showed results of thicker and denser hair growth. These patented peptides inhibit the formation of DHT and strengthens hair by increasing microcirculation in scalp.

Botanic Actives
Natural botanic actives present in the active complex help to block DHT, remove build-up from follicles and strengthen scalp condition for optimal hair growth.

Developed from 13 years of intensive research, the Hair Filler treatments consist of a proprietary active complex blend of 7 patented peptides and botanic actives.

Clinically proven to achieve thicker and denser hair in just 12 weeks,  the Hair Filler Treatment is offered with a full money-back guarantee as our confidence is  equally matched with our genuine dedication in helping you achieve fuller hair.

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