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Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Fine & Weak Hair, Severe Hair Loss, Male / Female Pattern Baldness & Telogen Effluvium

A CLINICALLY PROVEN FORMULATION that enables superior penetration of key actives into your hair follicles to stimulate stem-cells regeneration.

This is done by pairing a breakthrough super permeable fusion complex, together with a blend of six powerful peptides, enabling pure key active ingredients to be permeated through scalp barrier into cells.

Expect healthier scalp and fuller hair as the Stem-Follicels Treatment works on:

  • Stimulating Stem-cells Regeneration
  • Increasing Hair Follicle Size
  • Promoting Hair Growth Cycle
  • Preventing Premature Hair Fall
  • Protecting Hair Cells From Oxidative Stress


A Super Permeable Fusion Complex created by connecting superior technology of cell penetrating peptides with a functional peptide. This resulted in successful delivery of key ingredients into the skin barrier and cell membrane.

Formulated with potent peptides scientifically proven for hair and scalp health. These peptides include:

  • SP2-VEGF

    A peptide which manipulates hair follicle regeneration by increasing hair follicle size and lengthening the anagen stage in hair growth cycle.

  • SP1-NPToc

    Scientifically proven to be a potent DHT-Inhibitor, and improves scalp microcirculation to boost growth by stimulating hair roots and follicles.

  • SP1-SOD1

    Decreases and prevents inflammation in the scalp, as well as oxidative stress on hair follicles.