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Balance Sebum Control

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Oily Scalp

Eliminate the greasy discomfort weighing hair and scalp down, and experience healthier roots and all-day freshness with botanical actives found in the Svenson Balance Sebum Control Solution.

Key Ingredients

Tiolisina complex An antibacterial complex targeted at reducing oiliness on scalp, delaying dandruff and acne as well as any associated inflammation.

Glycolic Acid A gentle exfoliant to unclog follicles and remove sebum build-up, it prevents bacterial growth and hastens the skin renewal process.

Ayurvedic Mix A blend of sesame seeds, olive leaf extract, lawsonia inermis and more, the mix relieves scalp dryness and itchiness; moisturising and strengthening each strand for radiant hair.