Plasma Regen Hair Therapy

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Aging Scalp, Dandruff, Fine & Weak Hair, Male / Female Pattern Baldness, Oily Scalp & Severe Hair Loss

Key Technology

This patented technology harnesses the energy of Plasma to effectively eliminate bacteria in hair follicles without damaging tissue, while encouraging cell renewal and effective absorption of formulas by increasing tissue permeability.

A German study conducted on Plasma energy highlighted how the energy was able to work separately on bacteria and human cells – while fatal to bacteria; Plasma stimulates regeneration within human cells, showcasing anti-aging and rejuvenating properties on applied areas.

With a focused output of Ultrasound energy from the applicator head, Ultrasonic energy is permeated through scalp to jumpstart collagen renewal within cells, while optimising hair roots for solution absorption. The ultrasonic energy generated by SonoPoration™ stimulates microcirculation on scalp and in the lymph system, enabling increased nourishment to hair roots for stronger hair bulb anchorage and thicker hair growth.

SonoPoration™ also amplifies the rate of absorption into scalp by creating multiple pore channels through the cell membrane layer, and increasing speed of flow rate of solution due to the acoustic streaming effect produced by Ultrasound.

A device with two trademarked transdermal delivery systems for greater formula penetration, each with unique beneficial properties. Developed with dual applicators, the device utilises Plasma and Ultrasound technology either separately, or combined to achieve preferred end results.

Clinically proven, the two featured technologies effectively enable complementing serums to be absorbed while offering a myriad of other functions that benefit hair growth such as follicular rejuvenation, eliminating bacteria, and thorough exfoliation of dead cell build-up.

Both systems can be used concurrently or separately depending on Trichologist recommendation for scalp condition.


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