Power Peptides Release

Haffirmations Level:

Hair / Scalp Concern:

Fine & Weak Hair & Postnatal

Key Ingredients


A bio-engineered complex of Copper Tripeptides, with the ability to work beneath the outer layer of skin, to help boost collagen production deep within the tissues to prevent cell ageing and increase the regeneration of healthy hair cells.

One of the most powerful peptides that is an antioxidant amplifier to protect skin against pollutants, as well as to increase reparative work in cells to reactivate the hair growth cycle.

A peptide which encourages hair follicle formation, as well as works hand in hand with other peptides to supercharge healthy hair cell regeneration.

Known also as an antioxidant, this powerful anti-ageing key active works to prevent premature hair fall by protecting and strengthening existing hair roots and follicles.

Face the world confidently with a stunning crowning glory with Svenson’s latest cutting-edge formulation - the Power Peptides Release. Experience the difference as the potent peptide complex courses through your hair and scalp to:

  • Boost hair follicle size and stem cell regeneration
  • Promote absorption of key actives to hair roots
  • Prevent premature hair fall and scalp aging
  • Reactivate and maintain hair growth cycle
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