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Advanced Factor-R

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Severe hair loss

Due to the lack of nutrients received at the hair root, hair strands can start to thin and eventually fall. To strengthen the hair follicles, proper scalp care must be administered to ensure it reaches an optimal condition for hair growth. Svenson developed the Advanced Factor R Solution – A clinically proven solution to care for the scalp to delay hair loss and preserve hair youthfulness.

A clinical trial conducted over 6 months on 40 male volunteers suffering from androgenic alopecia (type I to III), has proven that the Advanced Factor R treatment delays hair loss and reduces hair loss.

The treatment demonstrated clear results of inhibiting hair-loss triggers from the follicles on the scalp, and strengthening the bulb of the hair follicle

Key Ingredients

Kino Tree Extract Complex Known to stimulate cell renewal, and prevent tissue surrounding the hair bulb from becoming rigid and inflexible.

Guarana Extract Guarana extract contains a high level of Caffeine, which penetrates the skin extremely well to improve microcirculation. This in turn improves cellular oxygenation of the scalp and hair bulbs.

Ginseng Root Extract Complex Ginseng Root Extract contains minerals and vitamins which nourish hair follicles. It also contains circulatory agents which increase blood flow throughout the scalp. The fatty acids in the extract also control dandruff and prevent thinning of hair.

Biotin (Coenzyme R) An essential vitamin that plays a significant role in energy metabolism, this ingredient is important for tissue growth and re-balancing the scalp’s sebaceous gland.

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