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Feminine Hair Loss Control

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Male / female pattern baldness & Postnatal

Female Pattern Baldness involves a typical pattern of hair loss in women, due to hormones, aging or genes. Svenson recommends identifying the condition early for preventive measures so as to retain and encourage further hair growth.

The Feminine Hair Loss Control Treatment is a concentration of botanic actives to counter hair fall due to hormonal imbalance or oxidative stresses, while rejuvenating hair roots and providing anti-ageing properties to scalp.

Hair is strengthened, and more lustrous with regular treatments.

Key Technology

Niacinamide [Vitamin B3] Increases scalp microcirculation and keratin production on hair strands while reducing scalp inflammation. This vitamin is vital to promote thickening of hair strands, and nourishment of hair roots.

Sea Plankton Extract Studies conducted on this booster has shown a remarkable increase in hair length and sharp increase of cell renewal upon usage on scalp. Sea Plankton also complements other active ingredients to enhance performance.

Wild Yam Known to be rich in Vitamin A, this key active helps to maintain healthy cell renewal in follicles and the hydro-lipidic balance of the scalp. Hair is kept smooth and lustrous as Wild Yam extract also helps to prevent strand breakage.

Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract A botanic active that works from the hair root to strengthen hair and protect against premature ageing of strands. This traditional medicinal plant of Thai origin is used mainly as a natural and safe female hormone supplement.

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